Regulations for

Regulations for Freestyle

  1. General decisions
    1. Competition participants can be single or numerous groups up to 4 participants, forming a team. The team is required to register the participation using the form available on the competition website within the prescribed period.
    2. Each team can register up to 3 constructions for the competition. Each of them can participate in any number of competitions, each of them will be counted individually.
    3. Any changes regarding the date, the start time of the competition and changes in the registration of teams will be posted on the competition website.
    4. The exact schedule of the competition will be published on the competition website and will also be available on-site during the competition. Any changes to the schedule will be published on the competition website or during the competition.
    5. In reasonable cases the organizer reserves the right to make changes of regulations in the day of the contest.

  2. Competition rules
    1. Any starting constructions in this category should have the possibility of immediate, emergency shutdown if necessary.
    2. Robots mustn’t do any damages, especially to people in any kind. All forbidden acts like those will mean disqualification.
    3. Constructions can take any form, according to the category. Invention of constructors and safety rules are the only limits.
    4. Participants are obliged to send a short description, photos or documentation showing the general outline of the structure, its main features within 2 weeks before the start of the contest.

  3. Course of competition
    1. Every starting team/constructor will have prepared stand where he will present his own construction. Each stand has a table, chair and extension cord.
    2. Participants will be invited in random sequence to the public presentation of their constructions. It can be a multimedia presentation.

  4. Construction rating, final scores
    1. The special jury consisting of organizers and partners of the event (minimum 3 people), will judge in categories:
      • concept;
      • production quality;
      • complexity of project;
      • implementation;
      • presentation:
    2. Participants and spectators will be able vote for the best construction. Spectators votes will be included in final scores.
    3. One presentation can take MAXIMUM 10 minutes.
    4. A lack of presentation will drastically affect the final score.
    5. The final results will be announced after the finals, while giving diplomas. The organizer reserves the right to not announce numbers of points, but only positions in the ranking.

  5. Final decisions
    1. A construction that does not comply with these regulations may be disqualified.
    2. A competitor who does not comply with these rules may be disqualified from participating in this competition or the entire contest.
    3. The coordinator of the competition has the decisive say in controversial situations. He can decide on matters which are not included or, in reasonable cases, which are contrary to these regulations.
    4. Participation in the competition is equivalent to familiarizing yourself with the regulations and the obligation to comply with them.

  6. Consent to publication
    1. Registering a robot in the competition means agreeing to the publication of basic information about the name of the robot, team name, University or Institution name, photos, videos and achieved place in the contest, by the Organizers and Partners of the Competition without informing the Designer or the Team.

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